Apple has come out on top in a legal battle that claimed iMessage was rigged to not deliver to Android phones.

Specifically, the lawsuit in question stated that Apple’s iMessage service “intercepted” and retained messages that were intended to be delivered to Android owners. Despite the claim, federal judge Lucy Koh has chosen to dismiss the case in a single-paragraph order.

This is the second time this year that Apple has won this particular case, following a ruling earlier in the year that decided the group wasn’t eligible for class action, Business Insider reports.

The original class-action lawsuit was filed by a former iPhone user who said that she was no longer able to receive messages from other iPhone’s after switching to an Android device. Following the complaint, Apple acknowledged the issue and released a patch in May addressing the issues, however the suit continued until its dismissal in August.

Back in August, we reported that both Google and AT&T filed motions with the federal courts to access materials being filed during the lawsuit’s discovery phase.

Apple continues to host a service specifically designed to help customers de-register their phone number from the iMessage service.

Another option for those aiming to switch to Android involves disabling the messaging service through the iPhone’s settings before switching the SIM out to the new handset.

Via: ZDNet

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