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Spreaker Podcast Radio now available for Android in the Play Store


Podcast listeners who use Android devices have a new option to access content, the Spreaker Podcast Radio app. Spreaker developed the podcast listening app to help listeners find new and popular podcasts and then keep track of them all by organizing playlists and favorites. Part of the benefit of the Spreaker Podcast Radio app will be the curated channels and lists compiled with the help of sponsors and partners working with Spreaker’s editorial team.

The main content available through Spreaker is organized into two areas. First there are channels, which can be thought of as stations, where content is organized around a topic or theme. Spreaker says the Comedy Fun channel is a good example, where listeners can find content like If I Were You, WTF with Marc Maron, or The Adam Carolla Show. Users can skip forward or backward through content or switch to a different channel using on-screen controls. The content on any channel will be updated automatically when the sources release new material.

Unlike Channels, the Explore function provides a fixed list of podcast content, although these too are organized around specific themes or topics. If a user wants to access a specific podcast and go through episodes of just that podcast, the Explore function would be the way to go.

To customize the experience for users, Spreaker provides a favorites list so users can keep track of the content they enjoy. Using those favorites, along with the history of content listened to or downloaded, Spreaker will also generate Playlists so users can revisit content.

Spreaker Podcast Radio is now available in the Play Store, so hit the download link below if you are a podcast listener that wants to give it a try or if you want to check out what podcasts are all about.


Play Store Download Link

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