Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Name your price for the Android Expert’s Coding Bundle!



Tupac once said “even the genius asks his questions” (yes, I just went there!), and that is definitely also the case for expert coders. Developers are always evolving along with technology, so there is a lot to be learned here. Especially if you are trying to learn Google’s new Android 6.0 Marshmallow software version. This is why many of you will be glad to hear about the Android Expert’s Coding Bundle the AA Deals Store is currently offering.

The best part of this deal is that you get to pick your own price (a la Humble Bundle)! All you have to do is go to the AA Deals Store page and select your damage. There is an incentive to pay a bit more, though. Those who go over the average price will get the full package of courses, while other users will have to conform with less classes. This number will continue to rise the more you wait, so we suggest jumping on this bundle as soon as possible!

Those who sign up are definitely in for a treat, though. This bundle is valued at $503 and includes 5 courses (if you pay above the average) that will fine tune your coding skills to their true potential.

Courses offered:

  • Master Marshmallow App Development Using Java
  • Java Programming for Beginners
  • Java Essentials for Android
  • Build Android Apps with the Marshmallow Studio Course
  • Learn to Reskin Android Apps for Fun & Profit

To make matters even more enticing, 10% of all profits will go to Project HOPE, an organization that delivers medicine, supplies, health expertise and medical training around the globe. Interested? Head straight over to the AA Deals Store and sign up!

Buy the Android Expert’s Coding Bundle!

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