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Home News Karalux can plate a BlackBerry Priv in 24K gold for $1,300 USD

Karalux can plate a BlackBerry Priv in 24K gold for $1,300 USD

For a lot of people, the Android-powered BlackBerry Priv is an interesting proposition, but it’s still unclear whether it’s worth putting your hard-earned cash down for it. Well, in case you were waiting till a BlackBerry Priv in 24K gold was available, Vietnamese company Karalux might have just the thing for you. Ig gold is your thing, Karalux is offering a gold-plated BlackBerry Priv for $1,100 USD if you live in Vietnam, or $1,300 USD if you live anywhere else in the world. A plating service for existing Priv’s is also available for $350 USD, but only if you reside in Karalux’s native Vietnam.

BlackBerry Priv in 24K goldNote that the plating that Karalux is doing doesn’t really do the main external surfaces, rather plating highlights like the ring around the camera sensor, the side buttons, the display trim, and the back of the display which slides out when the physical keyboard is in use. That’s probably why the price isn’t as high as some of the other gold modifications we’ve seen, but you’ll still need deep pockets if you’re planning on nabbing yourself one. If that still has you interested, you can find more details on the Karalux website.

What do you think about a BlackBerry Priv in 24K gold? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Karalux via Phone Arena


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