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Google’s VP of design rips into Windows 10 on Twitter

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Shortly after recording his first podcast, Google’s vice president of design Matias Duarte has publicly slammed Microsoft and Windows 10 on Twitter. After the latest episode of Joshua Topolsky’s Tomorrow went live, Duarte tweeted that he had tried the Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 — and that in his opinion, it felt like “XP with a flat design skin.” Needless to say, this triggered quite a response from the Twittersphere, and Duarte quickly followed up with: “Windows 10? More like Windows 10 years ago!” The tweets were partly sent in jest, as he later described them as “overly clever tweetbait.” However, Google’s design lead clearly has some issues with the way Microsoft’s desktop OS has evolved. Specifically, Duarte claims he has “no beef” with how Windows 10 looks, and is instead disappointed with how it works. As far as he’s concerned, the functionality is similar to the now ancient Windows XP: “I understand that’s a feature for many,” he later tweeted. “Not for me!”

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