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OnePlus will help you get rid of that old, crusty Samsung with new trade-in offer


You have only had your new Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+ or Galaxy Note 5 for a few months at most now, but it probably feels like you are lugging around some out-of-date bag phone, right? OnePlus wants to help you out with the envy you must be feeling in being saddled with an older device as you look upon something shiny and new like the OnePlus 2 smartphone.

OnePlus has launched their new #TakeTheEdgeOff promotion for smartphone buyers who may regret pursuing The Next Big Thing these past few months and invested in a new device from Samsung. If you own one of Samsung’s flagships that launched in 2015, OnePlus will let you trade it in for a new OnePlus 2 and they will handle recycling your old Samsung device via a donation to the Hope Phones program.

Don’t think that just anyone can take advantage of this offer though. OnePlus probably anticipated smartphone users may be knocking their doors down to trade-in their latest Samsung devices to get a new OnePlus 2, so they are limiting this to a maximum of 50 winners who go through the process of signing up before the deadline on October 18th. Since those applying have to use the #TakeTheEdgeOff hashtag on social media, you can expect your timelines and feeds to explode with posts tagged in this manner.

If you really do want to try to trade-in your Samsung flagship smartphone for a OnePlus 2 64GB model in Sandstone Black, hit the source link for all the details and to submit the entry form.

source: OnePlus

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