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Home News OnePlus 2 invites are now valid for 3 days

OnePlus 2 invites are now valid for 3 days


One of the many bad things about the OnePlus 2 invite system is that once you manage to snag an invite, you only had 24 hours to claim it, and if it arrived at a bad time financially or you just plain missed the invite notification, it was just too bad.

That’s why you’ll be glad to find out that OnePlus has changed its policy, OnePlus 2 invites will now be valid for 3 days instead of the previous 24 hours. While I still feel the invite should be valid for at least 7 days, the increase is still better than nothing. Possibly the only question to be asked being – Why has it taken OnePlus so long to extend the period of validity for invites? Today’s news comes shortly after OnePlus announced the closure of its OnePlus 2 reservation list.

Finally, on a different note, it isn’t too long until the OnePlus X launches on October 29th, I wonder if it will also use the invite system.


Source: OnePlus (Facebook)

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