If you were excited about Nintendo’s deal to put its characters in Universal theme parks, chew on this: the publisher behind games like Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance and the Raving Rabbids games is building it’s own amusement park. No kidding — Ubisoft has partnered with RSG, a Malaysian park developer, to create a 100,000+ square foot indoor facility in Kuala Lumpur featuring Ubisoft-themed rides, attractions and shows.

Believe it or not, this isn’t as unprecedented as you might think. Last year Ubisoft partnered with a France’s Parc du Futuroscope to create a Raving Rabbids ride, and Sega built a similar indoor theme park in Dubai. Don’t expect a Disneyland for video games, though — the proposed park’s footprint is small enough to fit inside a Walmart, Target or Home Depot store. Can a theme park survive on the power of third-party video game franchises alone? We’ll find out in 2020.

[Image credit: AFP/Getty Images]

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