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Home News Dashlane Password Manager now supports Samsung fingerprint readers

Dashlane Password Manager now supports Samsung fingerprint readers

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-11

Dashlane is a strong password manager and document protection service, but they also put a high emphasis on making their application user friendly and convenient. Today they improve their security-focused app by announcing support for Samsung’s latest bio-metric systems, meaning Samsung users can now use the fingerprint reader to access their private data on Dashlane.

This signals a new age in security. The upgrade will prove to be very convenient to those who use a Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Note Edge, as well as any future Samsung smartphones featuring the same technology.


It’s refreshing to see a developer making a move like this one. Though Samsung smartphones are insanely popular, not many app makers are working hard to adopt bio-metric technology on the Android ecosystem (Apple’s Touch ID does seem to get much more support, sadly). DashLane’s competitor LastPass and PayPal are among the notable exceptions.

Dashlane looks to be very dedicated to the cause, which is good considering they run one of the main password manager applications around.

“We made a strategic decision after closing our B-Round 12 months ago to put as many resources into product development as possible, and the adoption of biometric technology in the Android ecosystem is just the latest example of our aggressive product roadmap. Dashlane already provided Touch ID login on iOS and at the end of May, we announced that we would be implementing fingerprint app login with the new Android M operating system.” -Emmanuel Schalit, Dashlane CEO

If you have a Samsung device with a fingerprint reader, you should be able to access this new feature soon. Users with a supported device will automatically be prompted to set up Finger Scanner for Dashlane. All the user would have to do is activate his fingerprints to work with the service. After that, you will easily be able to use your fingerprint to either open the app or use the Dashlane to authenticate your log-ins or autofills. By the way, you can also turn the feature off whenever you desire, by accessing the phone settings.







Still not a Dashlane user? The application made it to our post on the best password manager apps for Android, so it’s definitely worth checking out. It is a bit pricey at $29.99 per year, but the service is totally worth it for those who really worry about security and privacy. Especially now, if you happen to have a Samsung smartphone with a fingerprint reader.

Download Dashlane from the Google Play Store
Show Press ReleaseDashlane Integrates Samsung Biometrics Technology To Unlock Passwords, Accounts With A Fingerprint

NEW YORK – Dashlane, the password manager built for security and simplicity, is now compatible with Samsung’s latest biometric technology. Dashlane users can access everything they securely store in Dashlane, including passwords, notes, credit cards and personal information, simply by using their fingerprint to verify their identity.

Access passwords, secure notes, and other personal data on Samsung devices with a fingerprint.

The biometric compatibility increases both security and also convenience for Dashlane users who operate Samsung devices. Dashlane users can trigger fingerprint authentication in a few short steps by activating Finger Scanner in the phone’s settings, opening Dashlane on their Samsung device, and placing a finger on the home key for authentication.

Dashlane’s biometric authentication will work with all of Samsung’s most popular devices including Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, and Galaxy Note Edge.

Dashlane’s integration of Samsung’s biometric technology is another big step toward providing universal authentication on all platforms using all of the latest secure technologies. Samsung is the largest manufacturer of mobile devices in the world and the ability to provide its massive customer base with a login solution that improves security and is convenient to use, is a landmark moment in the password management space.

Emmanuel Schalit, Dashlane CEO, states:

We made a strategic decision after closing our B-Round 12 months ago to put as many resources into product development as possible, and the adoption of biometric technology in the Android ecosystem is just the latest example of our aggressive product roadmap.  Dashlane already provided Touch ID login on iOS and at the end of May, we announced that we would be implementing fingerprint app login with the new Android M operating system.

Biometric technology is becoming more and more common on consumer devices and Dashlane will always utilize its world-class security expertise to integrate cutting-edge technology into our product. We will continue our mission of providing users with a secure, convenient identity solution that functions seamlessly across all of their devices.

The Samsung integration is the latest in a string of powerful mobile features Dashlane delivered to users in the past six weeks:

Fingerprint app Login on Android M <http://s.bl-1.com/h/pL48ZKP?url=http://blog.dashlane.com/20150528never-have-to-remember-another-password-on-your-android-device/>

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Emergency Password Access on iPhone

Learn more: dashlane.com <http://s.bl-1.com/h/pL49pWW?url=http://dashlane.com/>
https://brandfolder.com/dashlane <http://s.bl-1.com/h/pL49vvY?url=https://brandfolder.com/dashlane>

Step 1 – Dashlane prompts users to set up Finger Scanner for Dashlane when it detects the right device. Users can also activate or deactivate this at any time from settings.

Step 2 – All users have to do to register their fingerprint for Dashlane is to scan it once over the home key.

Step 3 – If users don’t already have Finger Scanner activated, Dashlane prompts them to set it up. “Go” takes them directly to the phone’s settings.

Final Step – When users need to unlock Dashlane they are prompted to scan their fingerprint (when either opening the application, or unlocking Dashlane to authenticate before logging in or autofill).


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