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The Connection between Hosting and SEO


Regardless of the type of online business you run SEO is vital. Good SEO increases your chances of ranking and making sure that more people find and visit your website.

There are many factors involved in Search Engine Optimisation that impact how well your website ranks and one of them is hosting. Where and how you host your website has a significant impact on how well your website rank. Here is why.


How fast a website loads is now an important ranking factor and this is understandable. Customers do not want to sit around waiting for pages to load. They tend to click away and go elsewhere when a site loads too slowly. For some time, Google have been penalising websites that load slowly and now there are signs that the other search engines are doing the same.

Site speed is something you should definitely keep an eye on. Check yours regularly, you can use GTmetrix, Google Webmaster Tools or Alexa to do this. If you notice that your site is loading slowly, take steps to improve site speed to fix the issue and consider moving to a more advanced hosting account if speaking to your hosting provider does not solve the issue.

Site up Time

How good your host is affects whether your site is reliable or not. It is vital that your site is up at all times.

If your site goes down you will definitely lose visitors and customers. The last thing you need is to lose traffic. Remember that one of the most important ranking factors is how many visitors your site gets and how long they stay there looking around. If your site is down too often the number of visitors falls and your ranking suffers.

In addition, the search engines do not respond well to trying to crawl a site only to find it down. To them a website that is down is a sign that the people behind it do not take their business seriously.

You can use a plug-in to alert you when your site is down. If you are not already monitoring your site in this way, it is important that you start doing so as soon as possible.

Who you are sharing your hosting with

There is some evidence that the other websites that are hosted on the same server as you can have a potentially negative impact. If your website has the same IP address as a bunch of spammy porn sites that have been penalised there is an outside chance that your website could be negatively affected. For this reason before contracting hosting it makes sense to do a reverse IP lookup using mxtoolbox or a similar tool.

GEO location

Where your hosting is located also has an impact on SEO. These days this is mainly related to load speed.

If most of your customers are in the UK choosing a UK based server rather than a US server helps the site to load faster. There is less latency.

You also need to avoid servers based in locations that are viewed as spammy or suspect. A Nigerian or similar IP address is not going to be good for your website’s reputation. Your site could be perfectly legitimate and the hosting company very reliable, but your site may still be judged as dodgy because of the IP address.

A great option

SEO hosting is a good option because it ticks all of the boxes and avoids all of the above issues. As the search engines evolve and change, how they rank websites evolves. By choosing a hosting company that understands this, you are protecting yourself to some extent. Those firms that provide SEO hosting follow these changes. They tweak their services accordingly helping to keep you ahead in the SEO game.

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