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Poke monster heads and solve puzzles in VR with ‘GNOG’ on PS4


GNOG is a weird game from a strange studio, which is probably why it’s attracted the attention of both Sony and Double Fine, the company behind Broken Age and other big-name indie games. GNOG is a colorful, quirky game that turns giant monster heads into puzzle boxes, and it’s coming to PlayStation 4 and the accompanying Morpheus virtual reality headset in 2016, Director Saleem Dabbous announced today. The game is part of Double Fine Presents, an indie support program that includes Gang Beasts, Escape Goat 2 and Last Life, and it’s getting help from Sony’s Pub Fund program, which helps finance games for Sony platforms.

“It’s something we’re incredibly excited to be able to realize, thanks to the Sony Pub Fund program, and we think it’s a game that you’ll really lose yourself in if you’re a fan of puzzles, adventures, cool art and chill music,” Dabbous writes. “We’re also super honored to be part of the Double Fine Presents label and to have the good folks at DF helping us with production support and design feedback.”

GNOG isn’t a one-trick monster-pony: It’s also still heading to Steam (PC, Mac and Linux) and iOS after the PS4 launch. But of course, with Morpheus on PS4, it’s going to be an actual head-turner.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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