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Fleksy to bring Imojis to your keyboard


Fleksy has officially teamed up with Imoji to bring image emojis to your Android keyboard. You will find a wide range of images to select from and most of them are popular internet memes, so you won’t have a tough time relating to them.

The keyboard makes use of the SDK made available by Imoji last month, giving access to nearly 3 million imojis, with most of them created by the users. The update is currently seeding to users of the Fleksy keyboard through the Play Store, so you should see it anytime now if you’re using Fleksy as your primary keyboard.

As for the usability, the addition is merely a way to make Fleksy more attractive to its users and doesn’t change anything in terms of functionality. Users can create their own imojis as well, so you can send a personalized image sticker to your contacts if you so please.

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Source: Google Play Store
Via: Tech Crunch

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