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GIV Mobile: The most charitable cell carrier in the country

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The United States has many cell phone carriers, most of which you might not be familiar of. One of the more honorable carriers I’ve gotten the chance to know is GIV Mobile, the carrier that donates 8% of your monthly plan to charity.

GIV Mobile is a new type of cell phone service created by its parent company, PTEL, one of the oldest cell carriers in the US. Their network reaches 96% of Americans by using T-Mobile and AT&T towers to provide very fast 4G LTE service to its customers. Some may think that a company donating a portion of a customer’s monthly rate will simply charge more on the monthly rate, however with GIV, cell plans are extremely affordable.

GIV Mobile is a no-contract service, meaning you can pay as you go and you won’t be trapped in a one year or two year agreement like many other carriers. Their plans include unlimited talk, text, and data and start as low as $20/month.

$20/month will you get unlimited talk and text, as well as 250 MB of data. $25/month will get you unlimited talk, text, and data at 2G speeds which they state is good for light users. Their “casual user” plan is where it gets very nice. At $35/month, you get unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data at 1 GB high speed. For higher speeds, GIV also provides a $40/month and $60/month plans. These prices are much lower than many competing carriers, and you get the warm feeling of the carrier donating 8% of every months payments to charities such as American Forests, Alzheimer’s Associations,  Scholarship America, and more.

GIV Mobile sells phones through its website, however any phone using a GSM antenna is capable of using GIV’s services (Nexus phones, unlocked phones, etc.). I was able to test GIV Mobile’s service using a Blue Advance 4.0 handset, and was quite pleased with the coverage and speeds I was getting.

Using an unlocked Motorola Moto G 2014 with AT&T coverage to compare, GIV Mobile was outperforming AT&T speeds.

Using Speedtest.net from Ookla on the Google Play Store, I ran a few tests between the Blue Advance 4.0 with GIV Mobile’s coverage and the Moto G with AT&T. The first test I used T-Mobile’s server in Orlando, Florida on the Blu phone, and on the Moto G I used AT&T’s server in Indianapolis, Indiana. I conducted these tests in Athens, Ohio, so I expected AT&T’s closer server to work better, even though AT&T’s coverage in rural areas is lackluster. The speed test resulted in GIV Mobile returning a 91 ping score, with an 8.87 mbps download speed and 2.41 upload speed, and AT&T’s service returning an 85 ping score with a pretty bad 2.52 mbps and 1.75 mbps upload speed. Winner: GIV Mobile.

I ran two more similar tests, letting Ookla’s Speedtest automatically select the server based on best speeds. GIV Mobile won the second round again with a ping score of 88 ms with 6.88 mbps download and 2.14 upload. One final test resulted in GIV Mobile delivering faster seeds once again with 7.8 mbps and 2.41 mbps upload ant AT&T delivering 5.44 mbps download speeds and 1.62 upload.

These tests were only in Athens, Ohio however, so nationwide performance of GIV Mobile’s network is still uncertain to me. From what I’ve experienced though, GIV Mobile is a service every single person should at least take a look at. The charitable carrier offers highly competitive prices and is one of the few carriers that still offers unlimited data, and they deliver speeds comparable to AT&T and T-Mobile. If you are a light user who doesn’t use much data but likes to talk and text a lot, I recommend giving GIV Mobile a shot. If you are a casual user who uses a fair amount of data, texting and calling, I also recommend giving GIV Mobile a shot. If you are a heavy user who uses a lot of data, texting and calling, I am still recommending you take a look at what GIV Mobile offers.

GIV Mobile


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