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Adventures of Poco Eco is a relaxing adventure game new to the Play Store

If you’re looking for a super relaxing puzzle/adventure game, we may have something for you. Adventures of Poco Eco, which has just made its way to the Google Play Store, aims to couple addictive gameplay with an interesting use of sound.

You play as a block-like geometric creature named Poco Eco who’s on a journey to bring back the lost sounds to his tribe. You’ll do so by solving puzzles and completing all twelve 3D levels. The game features a heavy dose of relaxing electronic music composed by Iamyank. All music in the game is from the artist’s newest LP, Lost Sounds, which you’ll also be able to download upon purchasing the game. If you’d like a glimpse at the game’s soundtrack before you buy it, you can find the LP in full on Iamyank’s Bandcamp page.

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Adventures of Poco Eco 1

Adventures of Poco Eco 5

Adventures of Poco Eco 4

Adventures of Poco Eco 3

Adventures of Poco Eco 2

The point-and-click gameplay style is very simple, similar to what you’d experience in Ustwo’s Monument Valley. The aim of the game is to let you relax, solve some fun puzzles, gander at the awesome visuals and listen to some nice electronic music.

Adventures of Poco Eco is now available in the Google Play Store for just $1.98. Considering the fact that you’ll get a beautiful game and a free download of the Lost Sounds LP, this is quite the steal. Head to the Play Store link below if you’re interested.

Get it on Google Play


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