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Home News Welcome to CES, where $50,000 could turn you into a skilled marksman

Welcome to CES, where $50,000 could turn you into a skilled marksman

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What’s holding most everyone back from being a talented sharpshooter? Lots of training. But now you don’t even need that to hit a target from thousands of feet away thanks to Tracking Point’s Mile Maker sniper rifle. Well, anyone who’s rich enough that is. The outfit’s targeting this (pun intended? You be the judge!) massive and heavy gun at people with way more money than time: folks like doctors and lawyers who want to go on safari in Africa and come back with a zebra bust for the wall, guaranteed. If you have a spare $49,500 laying around, you could bag practically any trophy too. But doesn’t that take away from the art and discipline of shooting? For Tracking Point’s answer to that question, check out our stage interview above.

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