The CEO of Verizon Lowell McAdam has mentioned that the carrier will offer a special bundle of 30 television channels for its mobile subscribers sometime this year. He clarifies that this will be a mobile only service at first, with further expansion not discussed as of yet.

According to McAdam, customers’ hesitance to pay for hundreds of channels when they only need a bunch will work in Verizon’s favor. Given the licensing restrictions usually observed with such streaming services, Verizon is forced to make this a mobile only offering for the time being. The carrier is strictly targeting its 4G LTE customers who can watch all their favorite shows from practically anywhere, as long as they’re in the coverage area.

In preparation for the launch of this service, Verizon has already acquired Intel Media’s OnCue and EdgeCast from upLynk, although these acquisitions won’t mean anything unless Verizon gets broadcasters on board.

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Source: Multi Channel
Via: Android Authority

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