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Upcoming Android Auto feature could help you navigate to an empty parking spot


Google already offers real time details on traffic and incidents during navigation on Android. It can even tell you where your car is parked thanks to real time tracking. And a new patent filed by Google suggests that the company could take it a step further by letting users navigate to an empty parking spot. This feature will reportedly make its way with Android Auto, so you might require a vehicle with the required hardware to make use of the feature.

The patent filing posted by Google says the following – “Provided are systems, methods, and computer-readable media routing users for determining a parking route near a user’s destination. A request for parking near a destination and user parking criteria are obtained. A list of parking spaces based on the destination and near the user parking criteria are determined, and a parking mute from the user’s current location that traverses the list of parking spaces is also determined. The first portion of the parking route between the user’s current location and the first parking space is determined. Additional portions of the parking route to additional parking spaces are provided until parking termination criteria are met.”

It is likely that Google will use real time parking lot monitoring at public places like airports, malls etc. As pointed by Phandroid, this would require Google to team up with people responsible for the infrastructure in the particular area. Sadly, this could take some time to get implemented on a global scale. But it seems like Google wants to test this feature out in California where it is also conducting tests for its self driving cars.

It’s certainly an innovative idea and we’ll keep a close eye on Google for more word on this feature’s development over the coming months.

Source: USPTO
Via: Phandroid

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