Sunday, July 21, 2024

Samsung’s rumored round smartwatch will reportedly run Tizen



Round smartwatches are seemingly all the rage as of late. First, everyone drooled over Motorola’s Moto 360, followed by LG’s G Watch R. We even got a glimpse of an LG-made webOS smartwatch at CES this year. For quite some time, we’ve heard rumors of Samsung developing a round smartwatch, dating back almost a year ago. Now in a new report from SamMobile, a few more details are surfacing regarding the rounded wearable. According to the report, the device will be known as “SM-R720,” and is referred to by the codename “Orbis.” What’s more, the device will run Samsung’s own Tizen OS.

Up until now, the operating system running on the round watch has been a mystery. Samsung has put out both Android Wear and Tizen watches in the past, so this wearable could have gone either way. Now that the device will reportedly run Tizen, it makes sense from Samsung’s standpoint. Since rounded wearables are “in” right now, this is a great way for the company to get their own OS on as many wrists as they can.

There is one thing to note, though: the ring-operated rumors we’ve seen in the past aren’t exactly connected to the Orbis codename. We do know that there is an upcoming Tizen watch with the codename ‘Orbis’ and the model number SM-R720. It would make sense that a wearable with a name like ‘Orbis’ would be a rounded smartwatch with a ring-like design, but so far, the fact that the two rumors are connected is still just assumption.

The report also hints at a projected release for MWC this year, though it’s likely much too early to tell when we’ll actually see this watch. So, how do you feel about a Samsung-made ring-operated watch running Tizen? If rumors are true, is this something you’d be interested in?



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