Friday, July 19, 2024

Pronto’s smart remote tech works with Peel for even more options



The promise of connected televisions and all of the streaming set top boxes in the world is more content with less effort, especially here at CES, but almost none of this new tech has done much of anything to get rid of the traditional remote control. Pronto is a connected box of a different kind, one that sits in front of your television instead of connecting directly to it. The combination of Pronto and the Peel smart remote app turns your phone into the remote control, and removes the need to use anything other than your phone to control just about everything that connects to your television. Peel can also act as a content suggestion system based on your input, making it infinitely more useful than your average scrolling TV Guide service.

It’s a bold new step for Philips, who is resurrecting their Pronto line and transforming it into this new connected box and placing a premium on offering the best possible experience.

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