A project on Kickstarter by eZelleron Inc. is trying to raise funds for production of a mobile electronics energy charger that uses gas instead of electricity to recharge itself. The kraftwerk power generator will enable users to be freed from the power grid by relying on fuel cell technology that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. The device can be refilled using standard camping gas or lighter gas, both of which should be readily available almost anywhere in the world. The kraftwerk also has the advantage of being refilled in mere seconds – 3 according to the project’s description – and will support the equivalent of 11 iPhone charges.

According to kraftwerk, besides using gas purchased at local stores, users can also use refill cartridges that will be made available. Part of the Kickstarter is to provide funding so production of not only the charger, but the fuel cell cartridges, can commence. The fuel cells will be quite small, smaller than a typical AA battery, and they are very light. This supports part of the kraftwerk goal of making a device available that can go anywhere without weighing down or annoying the user with bulk or weight. For example, 12 cartridges will weigh only 2.16 lbs. and yield the equivalent of 275 full iPhone charges, which should come close to providing power for an entire year for smaller devices.

The suggested retail price of the kraftwerk charger will be $149 when it ships in December 2015. kraftwerk will have three different options available when released – Urban, Outdoor and Glam. If you want to get in on the Kickstarter project, you can still do so as they are about 60% of their way to the $500,000 goal that has been established. If you want to be one of the first backers to get a kraftwerk, you will have to pledge at least $99, which is a nice discount from the full retail price.

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source: Kickstarter

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