Aircharge has just announced a new partnership with McDonald’s UK which would bring over 600 Qi wireless charging spots to 50 outlets across the region. This would allow customers to charge their Qi compatible smartphone wirelessly as they enjoy their meal.

These charging spots are designed to withstand any sort of liquid or dust covering so they will not be harmed by regular use in a restaurant like atmosphere. With some prior testing done in select McDonald’s outlets, Aircharge has ascertained that this feature is a huge hit with the customers, with some even willing to wait 30 minutes for their turn with the charging station.

Given that there are a bunch of smartphones today that support Qi wireless charging by default, more customers will be able to enjoy this feature. So if you live in the UK, make sure you drop by at one of the McDonald’s outlets to check for a Qi charging spot.

Catch all the action from CES here.

Source: Qi At CES

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