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LG mystery smartwatch is made for specifically for Audi



That LG mystery watch we showed you earlier isn’t going to be the G Watch R 2. It was actually developed specifically for Audi and their new Prologue automobile. It will carry the Audi brand as well.

Earlier today, Ulrich Hackenberg used the watch to summon the self-driving Prologue to the stage during Audi’s press conference. The watch was confirmed to be made by LG, so it was assumed that it could be the successor to the G Watch R or a new variant.

Although it is using Android Wear and is definitely an offshoot of the G Watch R, we won’t see it widely sold anytime soon. Apparently LG and Audi worked together to develop this watch to match the design of the Prologue but also included extra hardware to communicate with the car.

NFC is included in the watch, which isn’t available on any other Android Wear watch. This NFC capability establishes a secure connection between the car and the watch, which allows you to unlock the doors. Since NFC can work without the battery, the driver should still be able to unlock or lock the doors even when the watch battery is dead.

Then there are biometric sensors that could feed information such as the driver’s body temperature and heart rate to the car’s onboard computer. This could be used to automatically control the air conditioning or heat in the car.

There is also a UI skin on top of Android Wear that is specifically designed for Audi, which I thought Google wasn’t allowing. I guess because this device isn’t going to be widely sold, it’s okay. It also means that any old Android Wear watch won’t work with the Prologue, even if it were to have NFC.

Slashgear was able to get some video time with the watch, so check it out below.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Hopefully LG will offer something that looks like this watch as a regular Android Wear device.

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source: SlashGear

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