HTC Sense 7 Avatar Maker

A new leak from reliable source Upleaks has revealed HTC’s upcoming Avatar Maker software. Interestingly, this software isn’t said to be available until the Sense 7 UI is made official, which could be in a couple of months from now. Needless to say, this is a pretty massive leak and could give us an idea of what Sense 7 could have in store for customers.

As is the norm for any new version of Sense, it will break cover with the year’s HTC flagship. And since the Hima or the One M9 is the next HTC flagship, we might have a good three months of waiting to do before getting to see this in action.


HTC has always rolled out user friendly features like these in the past, but an avatar maker is in a completely different league altogether. We only have a couple of screenshots to look at, so not much can be ascertained from them. But the name itself is pretty self explanatory, so we don’t really need much details on what it brings to the table.

Source: Upleaks

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