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First hands-on images of the Xiaomi Mi Note surface

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Earlier today, Xiaomi unveiled its high-end Mi Note and Mi Note Pro handsets, packing in plenty of quality hardware at quite reasonable prices. Marketing images that accompany pretty much every device launch are all well and good, but there’s nothing quite like a hands-on image to get a better sense of what the phone looks like in the real world. Fortunately, a few such pictures of Xiaomi’s new Mi Note have popped up on the official MIUI blog.

Prepare your broadband lines, here is a selection from Xiaomi’s gallery (click to expand):

Xiaomi Mi Note 3Xiaomi Mi Note back Xiaomi Mi Note bottom




Xiaomi Mi Note 4 Xiaomi Mi Note topXiaomi Mi NoteNot only can we catch a closer look at the Mi Note’s steel chassis, port layouts, and the rather nice curved glass edges on the back of the handset, but Xiaomi has released a second gallery to show off its one-handed mode feature. A piece of software that is becoming increasingly popular in larger smartphones. Xiaomi’s single hand option allows the user to select between three screen sizes: 4.5, 4, or 3.5 inch modes. We now also know that the handset is sized at 155.1mm x 77.6mm x 6.95mm.

Xiaomi Mi Note one handed sizesXiaomi Mi Note one handed

Xiaomi has also tweaked its MIUI software for larger displays, so that additional content will fit on the handsets’s screen when compared with the company’s smaller models, rather than simply making objects appear larger. Although we’ll have to wait and see how this compression affects the image clarity of the 1080p display. System wide fonts can also be applied, even to third party apps, which is a nice bonus for those who love to customize their phones.

What do you make of the Xiaomi Mi Note’s design?