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Deal: Jabra REVO Bluetooth headphones on sale for $99 at Staples


If you’re looking for some high quality Bluetooth headphones, you may want to take a look at Staples today. The Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones are on sale for $99 on the official Staples website. The normal price for these headphones (on Amazon and other retailers) is usually $130, so this is a pretty good deal considering how much you’ll save. One thing to note: if you can’t get Staples in your country, unfortunately you won’t be able to take advantage of this deal. The discount runs until January 20th, so be sure to head to Staples and pick some up before your time runs out. Oh, and Staples is also throwing in free shipping to sweeten the deal.

The headphones connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth and can be easily paired using NFC. If you’re concerned about losing battery, though, you can always use the removable 3.5mm headphone cable to connect to your device. One of the nicest aspects about buying from Jabra is the ability to pair the headphones with the Jabra Sound app, which gives you HD Dolby Digital Plus enhanced sound and advanced EQ controls. If you’d like to grab a pair of these headphones, head to the link below.

Buy the Jabra REVO Bluetooth Headphones from Staples for $99.99