Thursday, July 25, 2024

Crescent Moon Games Releases new 2-bit Cowboy game


2bit-cowboyCrescent Moon Games has made a Gameboy-style retro game called 2-bit Cowboy. The 2D game offers huge levels to explore, customizable characters, and Gameboy style graphics. You play as a sheriff in the town, travelling after bad guys and hidden treasures, all the while exploring the game’s world.

The game will knock you back a dollar, but if you’re looking for a quality game to recreate your classic Gameboy gaming experiences, look no further. The game is brand new on the market, so you will be a bit of a guinea pig, but it has already received favorable reviews from numerous gaming review sites, so you can be fairly confident you will get a quality gaming experience. Follow the link below to get the game and get started on the fun of exploring the new world!



Play Store Download Link

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