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White and Red Nexus 5 removed from Play Store, black model remains


When Google unveiled the LG Nexus 5 last year, it paralleled the two-device partnership with Samsung (see the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus). Released in a black and white variant, the phone had some refreshing design flourishes, namely that the white model featured black accents. LG and Google also did away with the polarizing dual-glass surface of the LG Nexus 4, something that accident-prone purchasers welcomed with open arms. Eventually LG/Google eventually released a bright red variant, the first time a third color option was offered for a Nexus device.

Of course, now that the shamu-sized Nexus 6 is now available, the potential for new customers seeking to unite with a Nexus 5 has dwindled significantly, the device’s age and limited remaining stock only adding to the equation. As such, Google has discontinued the white and red variants, and as of now only the black color option is listed in the Google Play Store, though it’s currently out of stock.

Any customers who wish to try for the other two variants may still have luck with a carrier store, or else it’s off to eBay for some holiday shopping. Presumably Google will continue to offer the black Nexus 5 for some time, although given the lack of PR notifying the discontinuation of white and red, it’s equally possible for it to be phased out silently. Of course there’s still some of us holding out hope for a Nexus 5 refresh, a Nexus 5 (2015) anyone?