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Walmart selling the Galaxy S5 for just $79 on a 2-year contract


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Several weeks ago, we covered a story originally reported by the Wall Street Journal, wherein Samsung admitted the Galaxy S5 sold far less units than the company had envisioned. This was in no small part because of over-eager distributors and retailers surveyed by the Korean OEM, who didn’t have to worry about costs associated with said overstocked units. (For those who forgot, the story can be found here).

Whether or not this has any bearing on the sale Walmart has just unveiled is up in the air, but for those customers in the market for a good deal, this is definitely something you can bring down to earth.

From now until December 25th (that’s Christmas, for all those who haven’t been inundated with the marketing madness going on), Walmart is offering Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon customers the ability to purchase a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 on 2-year contract, for just $79, a saving of $60 compared to Walmart’s usual $139 price tag. Please note this offer is valid for in-store purchases only.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Galaxy S5 before taking the plunge should check out our comprehensive review. And if you do decide to leap, rest assured that the water resistant protection will keep your new purchase from getting all wet. After all, it’s something to keep yourself busy until the pending Lollipop update rollout hits.