nova_launcher_app_iconNova Launcher is one of the best launcher replacements available on Android. Not only does it feature an experience similar to stock Android, but it’s loaded with tons of extra features and it stays updated to keep up with whatever Google adds to the vanilla Android launcher.

The latest update brings one of the best new features of Lollipop to Nova Launcher: the app drawer. Lollipop shows apps in the drawer as cards, sticking to Google’s favored interface design, and now Nova will let you do the same. The option is tucked away in the settings, but in the Drawer section of Nova you can check the new Show Pages As Cards options to get that Android 5.0 feel. It’s not identical to what ships on stock Lollipop devices, but it’s close and a little more customizable.

The only other changes in the update include renaming a specific animation and a few fixes and optimizations, so it’s nothing major. But if you’re striving for a look that’s as close as possible to Android 5.0, you can grab the update below.

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