Saturday, May 25, 2024

NES30 lets your relive your NES days on your Android device for just $30


For many of us folks in our later 20s and early 30s, the NES wasn’t just a game system, it was practically a way of life. That’s why no one who knows me well is surprised to hear that I not only still have my NES up and running, I also have an emulator with some of my favorite games on my smartphone.

Of course touchscreen virtual keys just aren’t the same as real buttons. For those that want to get your old-school gaming on, the NES30 is a solid option. While a Moga Pro would probably be a bit more versatile, the NES30 gives you the look of the original control but with modern amenities like Bluetooth and USB support, a rechargeable battery for 20+ hours of gaming on single charge, and two additional action buttons and shoulder buttons for use it more modern games (or conversely, for playing your SNES favorites as well).

At just $29.99, the price for the NES30 is just right, especially considering you can use it with just about any platform (PC, Mac, iOS, etc) and not just Android.

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