Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Goblins Problems – Indie app of the day


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTxqRfc-N3s?feature=oembed&w=710&h=399]

What is Goblins Problems?

Goblins Problems is a wave-based hack and slash game. You start from wave one and kill a bunch of goblins until you make it to the next wave then wash, rinse, and repeat until you die. It’s currently free with no in app purchases in the Google Play Store.

The game is pretty simple. You play as a knight and you bash the nonsense out of some goblins. They come at you from all directions so each wave is spend essentially spinning in circles and attacking. The mechanics are simple and are almost fun but there are occasional hiccups and button presses that don’t register. That gets frustrating pretty quickly but otherwise everything seems to work as expected.

After each wave you’ll get to use the gold you collected to upgrade your knight. You can upgrade health, defense, attack, and various peripheral stats like critical hit chance. There are also some active abilities like archers that will kill a few bad guys that are in your general vicinity if you start getting overwhelmed. There is also a built-in leaderboard.

Goblins Problems screenshot

It has the bones of a fun game.


  • Simple hack and slash mechanics make this game easy to play for casual gamers.
  • Upgrades and built-in leaderboard add some motivation for the player to keep playing.
  • The graphics are pretty decent and adjustable if your device can’t handle them.
  • Free with no in app purchases, advertising, and even requires no permissions.


  • This game drastically needs something to keep the gamer engaged. The baseline experience is good but there is little motivation to keep playing aside from upgrading.
  • There are some bugs here and there, namely in game play.
  • This game really could have used some love from Google Play Games services.

6.0This has the bones of a fun, casual hack and slash game. The graphics are decent enough and the mechanics are simple enough but the game just doesn’t have that fullness that others have. Google Play Games services would have been nice for both leaderboards and achievements. Even a rudimentary story line would have helped move things along and motivate the player. As it stands, it’s a great effort for its price and a good game to kill a few minutes but we imagine most will move one before too long. It is free with no in app purchases if you want to try it out.google play

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