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Deals: Best Buy selling HTC M8 for $29.99, or $100/$150 gift card with Droid Turbo


With Christmas literally just a few weeks away, Best Buy is already getting into the Christmas spirit by offering two great deals for not one, but two Android devices. If you or anyone you know has been looking to get their hands on an HTC M8 or a Motorola Droid Turbo, then today is your lucky day.

First up is the HTC M8. If you happened to have read our review of the M8, you’ll know it’s a device we’re quite fond of around here, and for good reason. Right now Best Buy is selling the gold, silver, or gray 32GB LTE M8 for just $29.99 on contract with Verizon, which is a hefty discount from the $199.99 that it normally retails for. Those not wanting to take the plunge of signing the dotted contract line can pick up the device for $749.99 outright.

Next up is the Droid Turbo, which was also a device that our reviewers were more than happy with (asides from the fact that it’s exclusively available via Verizon). If you purchase the device right now at Best Buy (in blue, metallic black, or black) on contract as a new customer, you’ll receive a $150 gift card with the device, while existing Verizon Edge or Verizon Wireless customers who upgrade will receive a $100 gift card with their purchase. This deal is applicable to the 32GB LTE model of the device as well. Purchasing the device off contract will run you between $649 and $699, depending on the color.

The HTC M8 and Droid Turbo are both powerful devices with specs that leave little to be desired, making Best Buy’s offers pretty tempting. For those wishing to purchase the HTC M8 at Best Buy, you can get the device here. If the Droid Turbo is more your cup of tea, you can grab it from Best Buy here.



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