Tuesday, May 28, 2024

AT&T is offering $100 off a Nexus 9 LTE with a new 2-year contract


Nexus 9-31
Tablets are a tricky beast when it comes to the WiFi vs Cellular decision. The former typically releases first and has a lower price. The cellular (LTE) models, in turn, are usually just the opposite and sometimes have different hardware. For all those who want to avoid a second contract, or rely on tethering/MiFi,  the former option is a good idea. For those who want it all, AT&T may have just the promotion to make things nice(r).

Customers who buy a Nexus 9 LTE on a new two-year contract will receive a $100 credit to their account. As AT&T is not currently stocking the device on its’ own website, the Nexus must be purchased through the Google Play Store.

Customers can receive a $100 bill credit when they activate their Nexus 9 with a two-year agreement at an AT&T company-owned store. The Nexus 9 is certified to work on the network with the nation’s strongest LTE signal, making this a perfect pairing.

While the prospect of saving money is always a good thing, the decision ultimately boils down to a question of if you want to be saddled with a two-year agreement or not. There doesn’t seem to be any indication of the length of this promotion, but it wouldn’t be surprising to find it’s holiday related and thus it should be taken advantage of sooner rather than later.

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