Tuesday, November 28, 2023

All In One Notes, Check, Lock – Indie app of the day


All In One Notes Check Lock review

What is All In One Notes, Check, Lock?

All In One Notes, Check, Lock is, as the name says, an all in one app that combines note taking, password management, and checklist into one application. It’s a great way to cut down on the clutter in your app drawer if you use these kinds of things but you only need something simple. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store with no in app purchases.

The main draw of an app like All In One Notes, Check, Lock is the ability to consolidate a lot of stuff into one place and this app certainly does that. With it you can take down notes in a style not unlike Google Keep even if it’s a little less well designed. The checklist feature is about as simple as you can find and lets you create a list and check items off of it. The password locker is also fairly simple. You can store passwords and then organize them by category if you so choose. It’s also worth noting that the password locker section of the app is locked by a password you choose.

The design is a little old school and that may polarize some people. It doesn’t adhere to practically any of the Android design guidelines and while that’s not inherently bad, there are people who intentionally stray away from such apps. That said the interface is colorful and straight forward. No one should be getting lost here and everything is set up in a way to make everything else easy to find and that includes the various settings and share buttons.

All In One Notes Check Lock screenshot

Not a bad way to consolidate.


  • Puts note taking, checklists, and password management into one app.
  • Colorful and simple interface makes it almost impossible to get lost in the app.
  • Each individual piece of this app has a decent set of features and should be good enough for casual users.
  • Free with no ads or in app purchases.
  • Password Manager is locked with a password. That’s always good.


  • The design is hit and miss. Some may like it but #holoyolo or #materiyolo fans will probably hate it.
  • The feature set is very good, but heavy users may need the functionality provided by individual apps.
  • It’s a new app with only a few reviews which means there are almost certainly bugs and issues that haven’t been reported yet.

7.0Overall, this seems like a solid, simple app for people who use these kinds of things but don’t want anything complicated. Obviously apps like Google Keep, mSecure, etc are all better at their respective jobs, but not everyone needs all that functionality and not everyone wants to carry around two or three apps. If you’re one of those people, this app may be for you.google play

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