Here comes another wave of Material Design from Google. This time, it is Google Maps receiving the special treatment to resemble Android’s new design guidelines. Users of both the Android and iOS versions of the application will notice the design overhaul in the coming days. While the look of the app is different, Google has made some functionality changes. Google says that Material Design adds life to Maps.

Hit the break to see what Material Design for Google Maps looks like.



The information sheet of a place glides up from the bottom of the display. The information sheet of a place has things like descriptions, photographs, and reviews. Then, if you have yet to figure out a specific pace to go to, there is an Explore button that is accessible at all times. It suggests local places to give a look. The Explore area has fields for driving/walking distances and time of day.


Making a reservation with Google Maps just got way easy. To be honest, it cannot be any simpler. With integration from OpenTable, the app displays times for available tables after inputting a party size.


Finally, data from Uber has been brought over. Along with estimating driving, walking, and bus times, Google Maps estimates how long an Uber ride would take. In addition to the time of arrival, Google Maps shows the estimated pickup time and cost.

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