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What are the benefits if Frugality

Frugality is when someone is thrifty, avoids buying expense items, and tries not to waste their own money. In other words, a frugally person is very cautious with their money. In society now, every person is tight on money because our nation’s economy is not the best right now and our society was created upon the idea of people making money. The best way to keep money in our up and down world is to be frugal.

If a person is frugal it doesn’t mean they are cheap, this person is really smart to tell the truth. That person will watch the amount of money they spend, only use money when necessary, and will try to use money on a “good deal.” The United States is full of money watchers; this explains why the busiest time of the year is the Black Friday sale, or the huge Back-to-School sales. In general people like to keep as much money as the can and spend only a little.

In this modern time most people are frugal. People do not get paid much and items people need to survive cost more, like gas to drive their car to work to make money. This is a necessary trait a person has to have in order to have money on standby. The money not spent right away on finding a cute top priced at $38, then that money can be used when it goes on sale or best of all save the money for a raining day.

One way to be frugal is to use coupons. When most people go shopping they try to use coupons. That is the best way to get something you need and still keep some of your money. Even business will have special promotions like double coupon day, to help their customers keep a little of their money. Some people see that when people use coupons that they are cheap, but the real question is “Why pay more, when you can get it for less.”

As a frugal person myself, I will shop around and wait for sales.  I have learned this trait from my mom, who I used to joke her about every time we wanted to go somewhere, like restaurants or stores at the mall, she always had to have a coupon for that place so we could go. I have realized that doing so has saved money to help pay bills, or pay for something that is needed.

A great example of a frugal person is a college student. When someone is in college the bottom line is they are broke, so they don’t have money to spend out of their pocket. They become thrifty, looking for sales, and try not wasting what they themselves have. In the new incoming year I get to look forward to experience the life of a college kid first hand. Being on my own will be a challenge, but one benefit I have is my ability to not spend a lot of money.

Being frugal has one main benefit, saving money by using nike coupons from rebateszone. Unfortunately, money does make the world go around. So by watching the money you spend, you save more, which allows you to then spend the money later on in life. In a way your scholarship is helping high school students be frugal by helping them pay for their higher education, by limiting the money coming out of their pockets. Frugality is a way of life that many people have adopted.

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