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Samsung announces Wi-Fi breakthrough of 10X today’s speeds


One of the most frustrating things is waiting for a video to load in order to watch it. My wife and I don’t have cable or satellite, we just watch TV and such through Hulu and Netflix on our Chromecast. While we love our Chromecast, there are times that it isn’t perfect and we have to wait for things to load and buffer. Well, Samsung says they have solved this problem.

On Saturday, Samsung announced that it has created a new Wi-Fi technology that will be 10 times faster than current Wi-Fi devices. This 60 GHz will enable a 1 GB movie to be transferred in less than three seconds. Do you understand what this means? Go ahead, count three seconds out loud. Boom. 1 GB of data, downloaded.

Commercialization of this technology is going to be as early as next year. I can just see the commercials now of the Samsung Galaxy S6, making fun of Apple that it’s Wi-Fi is 10 times faster.

Are you excited about this?

via Bloomberg

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