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Samsung announces development of commercially-viable 60GHz Wi-Fi technology


Samsung have been winning so much at the Android game that it is easy to forget that the tech giant has their hand in so many other technologies. In a press release today, Samsung announced that they have begun development of 60GHz Wi-Fi technology, allowing for data transmission speeds five-times faster than what is capable with current consumer technology.

Samsung’s advancements removes the barrier between actual and theoretical speeds by eliminating co-channel interference regardless of how many devices are on the same network. In the past there were many challenges in adopting 60GHz Wi-Fi as the signal had weak penetration properties resulting in a weaker and slower signal. Samsung overcame these obstacles by developing a wide-coverage beam forming antenna and the world’s first micro beam-forming control technology, allowing them to achieve the highest-quality commercially capable 60GHz Wi-Fi technology.

Commercialization the 60GHz band is expected as early as next year and Samsung plans to implement the technology into many of their products including telecommunications equipment and medical devices. Sounds promising and will come in handy as many streaming services are slowly rolling out 4K content and streaming video games. Let us know in the comments what you think of Samsung’s exciting new technology!

Source: Samsung

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