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Product Review for SQL Recovery Software

SQLWhile transferring database to the SQL Server, I came across an error that took place at the time of attaching MDF files. The error message was categorized as ‘Error 5171’ that might have occurred due to large volume of file incorporated within database or the corruption in the master database file. After spending long hours, searching for the solution I came to know about this SQL Recovery software. Initially, I tried the demo version by downloading it from http://www.sqlrecoverytool.com/

Experience with Demo Version

The demo version displayed the components of the damaged database files within the panel of the tool. Subsequently, I noticed that the data that I deleted recently has also been listed in the panel. My prime requirement was to restore the database components, but the trial version did not allowed me to restore data on machine. Therefore, I decided to purchase its licensed copy as the overall experience with trial version was quite impressive.

Later on, I called upon the sales department and asked for the activation key. After making payment for the product the key was received within few hours.

Experience with Licensed Version

The licensed edition offered to recover data from corrupted MDF and NDF files. It helped me in removing the error 5171 and bringing the database to normal mode. Further, I would like to share my experience working with the tool; along with the features that it offered while recovering data.

The version and size of the product is 6.0 and 3.1 MB respectively. It is a Windows based tool that can be installed upon Windows 8.1 and all lower versions; and supports SQL Server 2012, 2008(R2), 2008, 2005 and 2000. The minimal hardware specifications for the smooth working of the software are: availability of 1 GB RAM and 2.4 GHz system processor. It requires only 5 MB of boot space on hard drive.

Since, the size of the software is very compact, so it does not affect the performance and functionality of other processes and does not make the system bulky.

Requirements of an Ideal User

SQL users are very specific about their requirements; some of these expectations are mentioned herein. As a single corrupted file (with even minor corruption) could bring the overall database to SUSPECT mode, so it is important to resolve the situation before it turns in to critical circumstances. The users expect the availability of these common features within the tool:

  • Recovery of corrupted master database files (MDF).
  • Recovery of data from corrupted NDF files.
  • Recovery of deleted data from database files.
  • Removal of errors that takes place due to corruption.
  • Data recovery without affecting its original structure.

Analysis of Features against User Requirements

The SQL Recovery tool offers various features that fulfil user’s demands to a greater extent:

  • It offers recovery of corrupted MDF files.
  • Offers recovery of secondary DB files (NDF).
  • Recovers all extractable as well as deleted data from DB files.
  • Remove errors that take place due to damage issues.
  • Creates new files without affecting the original one.

Additional Features: Apart from these, there are supplementary features offered by the tool:

  • Dual Scan modes for recovery of data as per level of corruption.
  • Quick Scan: Work towards minimal level corruption.
  • Advance Scan: Recovers data from severe corruption issues.
    • Generates scan report and provides the option to save report on local disk.
    • Provides the option to either adding a single file or folder as well as the provision to remove the selected files.
    • Auto detection of MDF file version.
    • Auto detects the associated NDF file for selected MDF file.
    • Save output into two different formats as per user command:
  • SQL Server Database
  • SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts
    • Export Data into two different ways:
  • With only Schema
  • With Schema and Data
    • Display Export Report with following details:
  • Path of the resultant file.
  • Complete steps to restore database.
    • Batch execution of files at single instance of time.

    Related Information

    • There is a provision to select among four different user licenses as per requirements:
    • Personal license;
    • Corporate license;
    • Technician license;
    • Enterprise license.


    • All the above mentioned licenses are available in demo as well as full versions.
    • Technical support for any product related query is available for 24 hours.
    • Live video tutorial are available on its official website along with the step by step working guidelines.

    Overall Product Analysis

    The SQL Recovery software is a complete solution for recovery of MDF and NDF database files. Simple user interface along with trouble-free execution steps makes the tool uncomplicated for even first time users. The tool is well accomplished with all necessary features that deliver accurate output. According to me, the only feature that I found missing is that it does not support recovery of log files i.e. LDF files. Addition of this very requisite will help making tool an absolute database recovery package.

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