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OnePlus sends Cyanogen Camera app to the Play Store


Following the lead of other manufacturers that use the Google Play Store to distribute core apps, OnePlus has made the Cyanogen Camera app that is part of CyanogenMod 11S, the special version of the operating system used for the OnePlus One smartphone, available in Google Play. By using the Play Store, manufacturers are able to push out updates more quickly and easily to end users. This eliminates the need for an app to go through a carrier’s review process to be included in an OTA update, which tend to be sporadic in their timing.

For now at least, the Cyanogen Camera app is exclusive to OnePlus devices, so don’t expect to load it on your phone if you visit the Play Store with some other device. If you just want to check out the Play Store listing or you have a device that can use the Cyanogen Camera or needs to be updated, use one of the Google Play download links below.


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