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AT&T introduces new Passport plans for international travelers


AT&T has announced some new packages intended to help international travelers. The packages are part of a new AT&T Passport line of services with three levels available. The packages or primarily designed for travelers who may not travel frequently or when they do it is for short trips abroad. Each package is good for one to 30 days. AT&T will charge a one-time fee and the Passport package will expire automatically at the end of 30 days, so no need to worry about canceling the service.

The Passport packages come in three levels – Passport, Passport Plus and Passport Pro – for a one-time charge of $30, $60, or $120 respectively. The difference in pricing is primarily based on the amount of cellular data available, with the packages coming with either 120 MB, 300 MB or 800 MB of data. Moving to a higher tier has the benefit of lowering the data overage rate from $0.25 per MB to $0.20 per MB to $0.15 per MB.

In addition to the variance in data prices, the plans come with varying costs for talk minutes, from $1.00 per minute with the Passport plan to $0.50 per minute for Passport Plus or $0.35 per minute for Passport Pro. All three plans come with unlimited messaging and unlimited access to WiFi hotspots in countries where the hotspots are available like the U.K., France, Germany, Japan or Mexico.

The Passport packages can be added to an existing domestic plan for the one-time fee assuming a customer has a compatible smartphone. For more regular travel abroad, AT&T offers AT&T Global packages with the same tiers as Passport, but on a monthly recurring basis. Data-only Passport and Global packages are available as well for tablets, laptops or other data-only devices.

source: AT&T

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