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AT&T Hints at Imminent Nexus 6 Release

att_logoThe Nexus is approaching! AT&Ts website has leaked news about the new device, notably that it will be available directly through the carrier and supposedly priced at $50 on-contract.

The information takes some looking for to be able to see, though. When you look at the page for the LG G3 Vigor, in the sidebar, there sits the Motorola Nexus 6. Don’t get too excited: the link will only take you to other Motorola phones already on the network.

The photo in the box is also the LG Vista, which will hopefully change after the release date tomorrow. *Fingers Crossed.* Hopefully the price doesn’t change, though. If you want to enter into a contract with the death star, it’d be better to enter into it with an extra $150 in your pocket, compared to the $200 price point for most flagships.

Source: AT&T‘

Via: Android Police

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