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The Olanola Viral Blogging Competition: A Chance to Win a Free iPad or a VISA Gift Card

Are you interested in a free iPad or a VISA Gift Card? Well, you will need to enter the Olanola Viral Blogging Competition as the winner will receive a free iPad or a VISA Gift Card. So how do you enter the competition? Before entering, you need to know what Olanola is and how their blogging content distribution platform is going to be the next game changing viral content generator in the blogosphere.


As a new social platform, Olanola offers its users the ability to create and publish customized content while building an audience as well. While other platforms like Tumblr or WordPress offer the ability to create and publish content, they leave out the ability to attract visitors to actually read it. Olanola’s readers are able to customize the homepage to stream the most relevant content from around the web based on their own interests. The platform makes it easy to share cool and interesting articles with your friends and followers through integrated social functionalities and embedded tools like Facebook and Twitter. And we all know that material which is shared on social media has the best chance of going viral. Another huge bonus for content-creators is that they don’t need to worry about building their audience anymore as Olanola uses Ideal Media’s proprietary search engine that puts the creators content in front of its intended audience automatically. This presents a great opportunity as creators can use the platform to expose their work to a new global audience. Whether you are a blogger, publisher, content marketer, or alike, you can easily create custom content, publish it and engage with a built in audience through Olanola.


With all the abilities of Olanola, the Viral Blogging Competition is a great way to try it out for yourself while having the opportunity to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas with the chance of gaining a new audience. The benefits go beyond just winning a free iPad or a VISA Gift Card (although they’d both be pretty sweet to win, right?). If your work goes viral, you, as the writer, will become popular. Your influence will increase and the implications of that can be advantageous in many areas of your life – let alone your blog. Give it a shot – after entering the contest I assure you that Olanola will become one of your key blogging resources.


To enter the Olanola Viral Blogging Competition, you must go to http://olanolacontest.com/ to register. You will then be prompted to complete your profile by liking Olanola on Facebook and following Olanola on Twitter. After completing your profile, you will be prompted to write your first post. This original post should be shared on your Facebook and Twitter as many times as possible by September 12th in order to increase your odds of winning. To promote your entry to your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter, Don’t forget to use the hashtag #olanolacontest. To read the official rules of the contest visit http://olanolacontest.com/.

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