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How would you change ASUS’ Transformer Book TX300?

Dana Wollman is so well known as Engadget’s in-house laptop expert that, during Q&A sessions on the Engadget Podcast, people would call her “Laptop Lady.” Points off for not learning her name, but the honorific still stands to this day, and her opinion on all things portable is one of the most revered in the business. When we placed ASUS’ Transformer Book TX300 on her desk (before running away to a safe distance), she found that there wasn’t much point to owning one. For a start, a 13-inch slate-plus-keyboard combo isn’t really better than a transforming laptop like the Yoga 13 or XPS 12. The lack of a Wacom digitizer means that pen input was a no-go and launching just before Haswell seemed like bad timing. Still, the question we’d like to put to you is simple: if you bought one, what would you change about it?

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Source: Engadget Product Forums

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