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There is a large array of bluetooth speakers and speakerphones out there on the market. Some are better than others with each one trying to get the upper hand on their competitors. Trying to stand out in a crowded field is not always that easy. Lofree has come out with a truly uniquely designed bluetooth speaker that really breaks the mold on how these speakers should be built.

The device itself is different. The form concept of this device is something that I find intriguing and when it comes right down to it, looks awesome. Unlike your normal shaped bluetooth speaker device, not matter what the shape be it typically does not have light bursting through it. That’s right, this bluetooth speaker has an effect to where it has slices in the casing of the device causing it to look like light is literally busting through the device. Taking full advantage of this led lighting ability, Lofree has also allowed the device to act as a night light too.


The packaging for the device was impressive and stylish. Coming in a padded white box, it was almost like opening up a Christmas present. It comes with an audio cable and a usb charging cable, both which are white and stylishly flat. The packaging and the device accessories set the correct tone for the device itself.

The build quality and design of this device is incredible. The Lofree Edge has some weight to it. Normally weight for accessories is bad, you want them to be as light as possible, for this specific device though, the weight was welcomed. It made me feel like it was a quality device using strong materials and not using cheaper plastics.

Another neat feature on this device is how they hide the buttons in order to keep with the visual design flow of the device. The buttons are on the bottom of the device staying hidden and easy controlled by pressing down on the corners.

edge bottom

The device is a bluetooth speakerphone toting a built-in microphone and a high quality audio decoder chip that allows the users to experience crisp, crystal clear sound. I am a picky speakerphone user. I need something that has good volume and that is clear to hear. I’ve been to one to many Aerosmith concerts and my hearing is picky. I need a speakerphone that is loud and clear and my experience with the Edge is that it more than outperformed my picky expectations.

This speaker is also a great bluetooth speaker for playing back your media files as well. The sound quality for music was loud with a nice, deep rich sound and the quality of the sound was very much in par for a device in this product range.

The Lofree Edge has decent battery life claiming to get about 5 hours. My experience was closer to about 4 hours 30 minutes at full volume with a few speakerphone calls mixed in. Recharge time was about 3 hours. With a device of this size, I would have liked to seen a little longer play time but I guess that is the trade off for having the lights on the speaker.

After a week playing with the device I have to say I love it. I’ve tested out a couple bluetooth speakers now for AndroidGuys and I have to say that this one so far has been my favorite. It not only has awesome build quality but is also stylish and unique. Looks aren’t everything though and this device holds its own by rocking out with both volume and sound quality.

You can pick up this uniquely lit up bluetooth speaker and speakerphone device from Amazon for the price of $49.99.

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