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A review of the Panasonic AG AC90 Entry Level 3MOS Full HD AVCCAM Camcorder

Despite numerous DSLR cameras being released this year with an array of features for videographers, the Panasonic AG AC90 still remains a firm favourite with industry professionals. Here we will provide a review of its key features and benefits.

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The Panasonic AG AC90 is a professional ACCCAM HD handheld camcorder that boasts a wide range of features and benefits including high-sensitivity 1/4.7, full HD 2.19 megapixel 3-MOS imagers ideal for capturing native 1920 x 1080 resolution images. It records in 1080/60p, 60i, 30p and 24p, as well as in standard definition (480/60i) in 60Hz.

The lens

The Panasonic AG AC90 comes with a 12X zoom lens, with three independent adjustable rings (zoom, focus, iris). The iris offers a wide 29.8mm to 357.6mm viewing angle. The lens has also been treated with Panasonic’s special Nano Surface Lens Coating that is designed to reduce ghosting and flares.

LCD and controls

A key feature is the camcorder’s versatile LCD monitor (approx. 1,152,000 dots) that allows for easy HD viewing. It has a widescreen LCOS colour viewfinder and a widescreen 1.15-million pixel 3.5 inch LCD colour monitor. The monitor conveniently rotates two hundred and seventy degrees, allowing for easy low-angle, high-angle and self-interviewing shooting.

The control panel on the camcorder is multifunctional and allows for easy operation. The functions that videographers will need to use more frequently have been enlarged and are also conveniently located. The camcorder also benefits from large audio level dials for operating ease.

Key features

  • 2 x SD memory card slots
  • 5 axis image stabiliser
  • 4X pixel shifting technology
  • Intelligent auto zoom technology  (25X super-resolution function)


Key features of the AG AC90 include two SD memory card slots that allow for simultaneous back-up recording. This particular model is compatible with Panasonics UHS-1 (ultra-high speed) memory card series and benefits from transfer rates up to 90MBs.

When it comes to shooting handheld, excellent stabilisation is essential. This is something that the Panasonic HD handheld camera can offer with its five axis image stabiliser. The AG AC90 also benefits from 4X pixel shifting technology, allowing for sharper images to be captured and intelligent auto zoom technology that automatically adjusts the edge, gradation and detail to produce quality images.

The Panasonic AG AC90 also benefits from a number of professional features including:

  • Time code / UB recording
  • Time / date stamp
  • Two wired remote control terminals for zoom, focus, iris, Rec, start / stop


It has a large-capacity battery (5,400 mAh) allowing for an average of 6 hours continuous shooting in PH mode.

Inputs and outputs

This professional camcorder has HDMI, USB 2.0 and multi-AV outputs. It also comes with a built-in stereo microphone, XLR inputs with switches for mic, two RCA audio outputs and two-channel Dolby Digital recording.

Image source: https://www.aivanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/8223786167_7b47221f3f.jpg


Editing and playback

Transferring video content for editing and playback could not be easier. Users simply need to insert the SD memory card from the camcorder into their Mac or PC. Alternatively they can connect their Panasonic camcorder directly to their computer or laptop, using a standard USB 2.0 lead. The camcorder’s Importer Software comes with a free download of a QuickTime plug-in component, preventing users from needing to manually convert files from AVCHD to ProRES422 when using software like Final Pro.

Who is it aimed at?

Panasonic designed this HD handheld camcorder with professional videographers in mind, though it is not limited to a specific market. A wide range of industry professionals could benefit from using the AG AC90 including wedding and event videographers, as well as sports and corporate videographers.


Buying / leasing the AG-AC90

The Panasonic AG-AC90A AVCCAM offers high image quality, advanced functionality and easy operation. It benefits from a sleek and ergonomic design, perfect for professional use. No matter what area of videography you work in, if you are looking for a solid state of the art HD camcorder at a reasonable, budget-friendly price, Panasonic’s AC-AC90 will make the ideal choice.

Image credit: Imrishale

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