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Major Designing Elements: Drivers for E-commerce Website


Website designing is always a challenging task. You need to think about various aspects to develop a design which is appealing and of course easy.  However, when you are developing an e-commerce site, you need to consider another factor and that is sales. An attractive website is definitely pre-requisite but it should even have the ability to convert the visitors into customers. So, to achieve this goal as a designer you have to think about friendly navigation, making minor adjustments and avoid designing blunders to get the best results. Here are some of the designing aspects, which an e-commerce website demands and developers should give it a deeper thought.



Yes, nowadays websites got to be responsive and this is more important for an e-commerce sitewhere selling of goods and services is the ultimate motive. So, if your customer comes and click on a product and it fails to act as per the entered command, you lose traffic. Hence, responsive web design is compulsory.

Moreover, statistics show a large percentage of e-commerce purchases are done through the mobile devices and by 2017 this number will increase. With the growing use of these high-tech mobiles, traffic should be enlarging. This means, it is time for you to optimize your e-commerce website and make it accessible on every device and platform. Check out the navigation, payment process and other areas, which are required to show instant response.


Most of the e-commerce website owners want their customers to register because this helps to track the activities and collect demographic information to encourage future sales. This is undoubtedly an excellent strategy to analyze sales but it is still restricting your coverage. Your e-commerce site has failed to draw those customers who do not want to create account but want to purchase. So, why not develop a facility that allows people to make one-time order? Your website sales can then expand as you allow customers to make purchase without registration as well.


It doesn’t matter whether you are developing an e-commerce web design in San Francisco or Seattle, navigation is always a critical part for any website and this is more important for an these site. The more graphics, buttons, and roll-overs you create, the more confused will be your customers. So, the architecture you create must be clear in its directions with the inclusion of the right keyword phrase that can optimize your website in the search engines.

Your e-commerce website must have categories and specifications, which can simplify the search for the customers. Do not forget to mention the important logos and graphics like the SSL Logo, credit cards, free shipping signs and so on. These are drivers for your website helping to build trust and add legitimacy.


Customers are always apprehensive about online transaction due to the growing cyber crime. The website needed to be secured with SSL support that keeps all the information shared by the customers confidential.  Never store credit card numbers in your site’s database as that can expose your servers to a high security risk.

While your customers make purchase, inform them about the progress. They usually get impatient when it comes to filling out online forms. To ensure them a safe purchase, guide them throughout the transaction and even at the time of payment via credit card. Let them know when the purchase process will get complete and when they will get their products or service delivered.


If you want to add credibility to your e-commerce site, include a review portion with each product. Customer feedback increases trust about the product as well as on the website as well. A large percentage of people often fall back upon this review before buying any product. So, allow customers to share their experiences.


The images you choose for the product should be clear and of very high quality. As it is an online store and buyer does not get to touch the products, the image must show each and every detail. The product must have images from every angle with clear explanation about the price, quality, colors and so on.

E-commerce website is all about details and lucidity. If your design can provide a real time shopping experience to the customers, it can stand out of the crowd.


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