Google Cube

Google is always playing about with new ideas and technology. The few things we ever see are plenty to keep us interested in what might be coming. A new music centric experiment has begun called the Cube. The Cube is an interactive visual media box. Like a Cube, it offers six sides, each side offering a different visual music video for your enjoyment.



Google partnered up with an Australian band, The Presets, to put together the first working demo of  the Cube. The song is called ‘No Fun‘. The main song plays in the background while other aspects and mixes play in sync on various sides of the cube. You can rotate around cube with your finger, or your mouse. View from one side, multiple sides or open the cube up and lay it flat for an even more intense experience. I bet you want to check it out, right? Well, you can. Just hit play below and experience the Cube for yourself, minus the cool Google Cube boxes they had in the video above.

If you want a bigger cube to play around with, head over to

Source: 9to5Google

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