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ROM of the Week: Slimbean

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ROM of the Week is dedicated to highlighting our favorite custom ROMs and builds for Android users. If you’re the type who likes to tinker and push their device to new limits then this column is for you.

Note that this isn’t the sort of thing that every AndroidGuys reader will enjoy; however, it can be an eye opener. Our hope here is that we help you discover something new and exciting that you can do with your favorite smartphone. Enjoy!

This week’s ROM of the Week goes to Slimbean and is it far from “slim”.  Slimbean has many unique features such as PIE controls, unique lockscreen and many shortcuts.

The colors throughout the entire ROM can be inverted to the color scheme, even Google apps along with any other installed app.  What really makes this ROM great is even though it is packed with many great features, it is super fast, Lightning fast!

When the developers started building this great custom ROM, they had two main objectives: Fast and Useful.  You see a lot of ROMs out there that have tons of features, but some developers forget about people rocking older devices that don’t have quad-core processors or 2GB of RAM.

With Slimbean you get a great ROM that is quick, efficient and has all the useful features you could expect from a ROM.


Here is a short list of features that can be found in Slimbean:

  • Privacy
  • Color Scheme
  • Performance
  • Slim Control
  • PIE Controls

One of my favorite features is “Slim Control”.  This feature allow you to have automatic updates for the ROM and GApps.  This is extremely useful people who want those updates to just happen without having to re-flash a new version.

It also allows you to take control of what APKs reside on your phone, which gives you full control over what apps you want on your device.

Overall, the developers of Slimbean have created a wonderful ROM that is packed full of features, yet extremely efficient for newer and older devices.  I highly recommend you check out their website found here and see for yourself what Slimbean has to offer.

Device Support

Slimbean supports a lot of devices which can be found here!

The features really speak for themselves and thanks to user @noodles90 for all the hard work in putting these together! Check out the features below or if you’re having JavaScript issues, you can check them out on the next page.

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