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Photon Infotech Launches Windows-8 and Development Practice

Photon InfoTech Private limited, a world famous Internet Consulting Company, has recently announced the launch of their Windows 8 and Windows Phone development practice.

Photon Group has been found in 1999. It offers various types of services to the business organization. The numbers of employees worked under this Group are more than 5000. Photon InfoTech is the largest provider of Omni Channel, Mobile, Social and Web, Kiosk and in-store cutting edge technology solutions.

Earlier, it has already established itself as a leader in the creation of Android and iOS technologies. As a multinational company, it combines both Creative Agency and Technology Consulting under the name of Cloud-to-Consumer User Experiences. With over 700 Customers and around more than thousands IT projects, Photon Group acts as a kind of tech-expertise to the large and mid sized business enterprises.

Windows 8 did not appearin the market till October 2012, but Photon InfoTech on the basis of their track record, with over 100 dedicated windows 8 experienced engineers started working on 10 active projects. Taking advantages of all the new opportunities afforded by the new OS, Photon has been planning to roll out these cutting edge applications on the same day that Windows 8 launched.

Earlier mobile market was dominated by Apple and the Android. The experienced leaders at Photon InfoTech recognize that Microsoft is about to become a major player in the mobile market. Photon InfoTech Private Limited experienced a lot of success in working with other successful mobile companies and for this reason, they are very much confident in maintaining the reputation of the company by creating a complete set of technologies for Windows 8 powered devices.

Photon InfoTech is the only consultant company, which utilizes the new technology comparing with the other internet consulting companies. Till date the total numbers of experienced employees worked under this group are around 5000. The friendly and comfortable working atmosphere provided by the Photon Group to its workers which motivate them to perform the job smoothly.

Their Windows 8 development practice stands to be one of the largest practices globally. Photon Groups also works with the world’s largest Banks, Specialty Retailer, Healthcare and Electronic Retailer. Nearly 100 trained and professional’s experts are working exclusively with Windows 8 project. Photon InfoTech is proud to be the company where the largest numbers of mobile trained engineers are more than 1500.

According to 2010 statistics, Photon Group occupies 2470th position with revenue of $16 million in 2009 and $ 8.1 million in 2006, which shows that within 3 years it achieved 98% growth.Other Consulting Companies place productivity as their main business priority, whereas employees satisfaction as a secondary. But under Photon’s the base workers are encouraged to share views and ideas with the top management group.

Clients trust Photon InfoTech because they are the only consultant company which is expertise to handle both the creative design and implementation of a solution. In conclusion, it can be said that Photon InfoTech’s Windows practice will set the benchmarks for all other IT teams to follow for getting success in the market.

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